Due to the development and foreseen perspectives, Estancias de Patagonia S.A. decided to build its own slaughterhouse and meat process plant.

The Great challenge was under way: the creation of the most modern processiong plant in South America. The first works started on March 2004 with the soil movement. A year later the assembly and construction of the first buildings was performed. The slaughter and processing of meat, that started on November 2007, is carried out entirely in its facilities.

Estancias de Patagonia S.A. starts up a facility dedicated to the slaughtering and elaboration of: cooled and/or frozen carcasses, bone-in cuts, boneless cuts and offal.

Said plant is made up by 11,000 m2 covered on a 17 acre area in Rio Gallegos city (Santa Cruz, Argentina).

Its processing capacities rises to 4,000 ovines per day.
It has an installed cooling capacity of 4,000,000 BTU in low and high pressure, six cooling tunnels, a maturing capacity of 4,000 carcasses, a warehouse freezing capacity of 900 tons, and approximately 300 people employed as workforce.